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Margaret Rose Funerals is a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors. We are happy to welcome clients who are looking to have a fully green burial in Brampton Ash, please free to call us on 01536 601029 for more information.

  • Our Green Funeral options cover all the requirements to provide a fully “Green” funeral. We can utilise various burial grounds within our area and up to 25 miles away at our standard rates (other locations price on application)
  • Funeral costs are the same as our standard price list, you can also use the calculator, bear in mind green burial plots are usually £500-800 more than simple cemetery plots.
  • The price of a plot and interment vary quite considerably, all burial grounds have their own website and prices are freely available.
  • Pre-paying for the funeral is available by contacting our offices. If you are planning to prepay, it makes sense to order and pay for the plot yourselves. Buying a reserved plot gives you the ability to choose where your interment will take place.

Call Brampton Ash 01536 601029 for help and advice or contact us

As a member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors, we follow the code of the GFD detailed below:

  1. On Embalming: Not to carry out embalming as a routine procedure, but instead to give an accurate and clear explanation of the procedure to the bereaved and only carry out the procedure at the direct request of the bereaved or as a regulatory requirement.
  2. On Coffins: That a range of environmentally friendly coffins is made available to all customers. Including coffins made from recycled materials, locally sourced, constructed from FSC sources of timber, and/or having biodegradable fittings.
  3. On Natural Burial: We will provide details of at least 2 green burial sites, but we are open to discuss other arrangements as required.
  4. On Flowers: We will advise clients on environmentally-friendly options, especially those that avoid the use of nonrecyclable materials and create funeral waste. These options should be given, at least, equal prominence to other flower options.


A message from the owners

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