Local Funeral Burial Services in Sywell, UK

Margaret Rose Funerals offer a range of different burial services in Sywell, UK and the surrounding local area. Including cremations, church burials, undertakers, humanist funerals, and more.

If you would like to find out more information on any of our Sywell, UK burial services, read more information below or contact us on 01604 946301.

Sywell, UK Cremation & Burial Services 

Margaret Rose Funerals provide all-inclusive cremation packages in Sywell, UK for you to choose from, making the funeral arranging process less stressful. Our simple Cremation package is outlined below but we offer a range of different packages or a bespoke cremation should you require anything specific. If you are interested in our local cremations packages then please call us today.

Funeral Costs in Sywell, UK

'Simple' Cremation Package: £2,995.00

Our 'Simple' Cremation package includes the following:

  • Our professional services and the making of all funeral arrangements as listed in our Professional Fees (includes up to 50 Orders of Service)
  • Simple coffin (suitable for cremation)
  • A traditional hearse to transport the coffin, from our premises direct to the crematorium on the day of the funeral
  • Attendance of the Funeral Director and pallbearers at the crematorium
  • Service at a local Crematorium* at a time convenient to Margaret Rose Funerals (usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon)
  • Doctor’s fees for cremation paperwork
  • £180 towards Minister or Celebrant’s fees

*Use of some Crematoriums will incur a surcharge depending on their individual charges

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Humanist Funeral Services in Sywell, UK

A humanist funeral is a non-religious funeral service, used as an honourable farewell and celebration of life. It identifies the sadness of saying goodbye whilst celebrating the life of a loved one.

Humanist funeral ceremonies don’t usually have a set script, this allows the ceremony to be organised in a way that best suits the circumstances or preferences of the family. Some examples of what may be included in a Humanist funeral are:

Funeral Directors in Sywell, UK
  • Introductory music
  • Words of welcome
  • The tribute - an outline of life & personality
  • Readings of poetry
  • Reflection - a few moments for private thoughts in silence or accompanied by music
  • Closing words
  • Final music

If you want a humanist or non-religious funeral in Sywell, UK for your loved one, you can talk to our Sywell, UK funeral directors.

Humanist funeral services can take place practically anywhere, besides from religious places of worship. Sywell, UK Crematoria or other non-religious venues are popular, as well as forests or meadows for green burials.

Sywell, UK Church Burials

Church funerals usually follow an order of service including the gathering, readings and sermon, prayers, commendation, and farewell.

Faiths and beliefs form an essential part of the lives of many people in the Sywell, UK area, these beliefs and practices often become more significant at times of crisis and isolation such as when faced with bereavement.

Here at Margaret Rose Funerals, we aim to deliver a culturally sensitive Sywell, UK church funeral service by understanding the varying beliefs and values of individuals.

Should you require a church-based burial in Sywell, UK you can call us on 01604 946301 to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help.

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