Types Of Coffins Available

There are many other coffins available, so please feel free to ask for details when arranging the funeral.

Cardboard Coffin

Sea Grass


Available In Various Colours And Designs



From £1,825

Various Styles And Finishes Available

Chilton Coffin

The Chilton


Full Oak/Elm Veneered Coffin

Contemporary Coffin

Contemporary Coffin


Available In Various Designs, Including Personalised Images

Painted Coffin

Painted Coffin


MDF Painted In Trade Dulux Colours

Rose Coffin

The Rose Coffin


Oak Effect Finish - Simple Cremation Coffin

Traditional Coffin

Traditional Coffin


Veneered In Oak/Elm With Raised Lid And Double Moudlings

Willow Coffin

Wicker Coffin


Available In Natural, Stained, Sea Grass Or Bamboo